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  1. This difference mainly results from the effects of analyte diffusion rates.
  2. Often the same instrument can separate, identify and quantify an analyte.
  3. The analyte associates with and is retained by the polar stationary phase.
  4. This is often an isotopically labeled version of the analyte.
  5. The unknown analyte in the sample binds with labelled antibodies.
  6. The matrix and the analyte are said to be co-crystallized.
  7. It is distinguished from procedures that measure one analyte at a time.
  8. Silica ) separates the analyte solution from the semiconducting device.
  9. Nanobiosensors use an immobilized bioreceptor probe that is selective for target analyte molecules.
  10. The diffracted light can be correlated with the concentration of a target analyte.
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