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  1. regressions, correlations, analysis of covariance, etc ., must pass through the origin . ]]
  2. Other terms used to refer to path analysis include causal modeling, analysis of covariance structures, and latent variable models.
  3. The techniques of Analysis of variance and Analysis of covariance might be appropriate . talk ) 10 : 55, 16 July 2012 ( UTC)
  4. A regression model that contains a mixture of both quantitative and qualitative variables is called an " Analysis of Covariance " ( ANCOVA ) model.
  5. Robert Rynasiewicz, " Kretshmann's Analysis of Covariance and Relativity Principles, " in " The Expanding Worlds of General Relativity " ed.
  6. With SigmaStat version 4 users have multiple new statistical procedures like Principal Components Analysis ( PCA ), One-Way Analysis of Covariance ( ANCOVA ) with multiple covariates, Deming Regression and Cox Regression.
  7. Kempthorne's randomization-analysis has influenced the causal model of Donald Rubin; in turn, Rubin's randomization-based analysis and his work with Rosenbaum on propensity score matching influenced Kempthorne's analysis of covariance.
  8. However, VO 2 max generally does not vary linearly with body mass, either among individuals within a species or among species, so comparisons of the performance capacities of individuals or species that differ in body size must be done with appropriate statistical procedures, such as analysis of covariance.
  9. Multivariate analysis of covariance on teacher and parent reports of executive function ( EF ) indicated an interaction effect baseline EF score and group status on posttest EF . That is, children in the group that received mindful awareness training who were less well regulated showed greater improvement in EF compared with controls.
  10. Because there were differences between treatment and comparison groups ( e . g . the average score on an outcome measure for a NFT group might have been higher than the corresponding average score for a FT group ), the evaluators employed a statistical method known as analysis of covariance ( ANCOVA ) in order to adjust for these and other differences.
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