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  1. Thermal noise in an ideal resistor is approximately Gaussian amplitude distribution.
  2. Calculation of damage intensity is straightforward once the cycle amplitude distribution is known.
  3. In some contexts, such as acoustics or microwaves, wave patterns are directly observable and exhibit irregular amplitude distributions.
  4. The roughness trace is on the left, the amplitude distribution curve is in the middle, and the bearing area curve ( Abbott-Firestone curve ) is on the right.
  5. The pseudo-code below performs the GS algorithm to obtain a phase distribution for the plane, Source, such that its Fourier transform would have the amplitude distribution of the plane, Target.
  6. Assuming that the noise n j ( t ) has a normal amplitude distribution with zero mean and variance ? 2 at all sites, then the variance of the noise after summation is \ sigma _ s ^ 2 = M \ sigma ^ 2 and the standard deviation is \ sqrt { M } \ sigma ^ 2.
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