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  1. The Beardmore Inflexible of 1928 had a wingspan of and an all up weight of 37, 000 lbs.
  2. Various test were made with aircraft with anywhere from 15.4 and 16.5 tonnes in all up weight.
  3. With the increased all up weight of the Lancaster it was apparent that the load bearing of hardened runways would be required.
  4. The runway was very wet on the first landing, and the aircraft's all up weight was at least 12 per cent above the maximum landing weight.
  5. It runs the ultra reliable Honda CBR1000R Fireblade engine, and with an all up weight of around 435 kg gives a power to weight ratio of over 400 bhp per tonne.
  6. The concept was for the aircraft to take off at lower weights and, once airborne, take on extra fuel to reach an all up weight of, giving the aircraft a range of over.
  7. The rules limit the length of the boat to 12 ft, beam to 6 ft 6 in, an all up weight to 78 kg and a sail area of 10.4 m 2.
  8. This state of the art brake package combines to stop the comparatively light car, which has an all up weight, including driver, of less than 1, 300 kg, faster than a current supercar.
  9. The airport has a bitumen sealed 1500 metres long and 18 metres wide runway ( designation : 06 / 24 ) and is designed to handle light aircraft with Maximum All Up Weight ( MAUW ) of 5700 kg.
  10. Landing previously in an identical machine without Maxarets, and at approximately the same all up weight, great difficulty was experienced in stopping the aircraft in an estimated distance of 1, 600 yards, with the braking parachute streamed at approximately 70 knots.
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