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  1. Peschel said that the race of the Ainu people was not clear.
  2. Sinophobia was confined to the context of Zainichi Koreans and Ainu people.
  3. The Ainu people have been conducting religious rites at the site.
  4. As for the indigenousness of the Ainu people, this is a historical fact,
  5. Ainu people living in Tokyo have also developed a vibrant political and cultural community.
  6. The issue of the Ainu people is a typical example.
  7. Rebun Island is home to a chashi, or hilltop fortifications of the Ainu people.
  8. These other coats were made by the Ainu people of Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island.
  9. To many Japanese, her Ainu people remain a mystery _ and a target of discrimination.
  10. Around 10 % of the Ainu people who speak the language are considered passive speakers.
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