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  1. When you went into shooting mode it went into a first-person view and you could select snap shots or aimed shots, which altered the size of an aiming circle on screen ."
  2. At this point, the gun is ready for direct fire using the OP4 direct fire sight, or can be orientated and have its position fixed via the aiming circles for subsequent indirect fire using the Pantel sight.
  3. In some special circumstances, such as when only one round or salvo was going to be fired ( e . g . by nuclear artillery or a multiple rocket launcher ), a director or aiming circle about 100 meters away could be used as an aiming point.
  4. A derived version appeared at the same time, designed for the commanding officer and named T-64AK . It comprised a R-130M radio with a 10 & thinsp; m telescopic antenna, which could be used only in a static position as it required shrouds, an artillery aiming circle PAB-2AM and TNA-3 navigation station; all of these could be powered by an auxiliary gasoline-fired generator.

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