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  1. Ahriman then preempted Ohrmuzd by ripping open the womb to emerge first.
  2. In contrast, in Manichaean scripture, Mani ascribes foresight to Ahriman.
  3. Ahriman merely asked to kiss Zahhk on his two shoulders.
  4. Ahriman now appeared to Zahhk in the form of a skilled physician.
  5. These stories are always connected with the name Ahriman of couatl history.
  6. Ahriman therefore chose him as the tool for his plans for world domination.
  7. The book was published in German by Ahriman Verlag.
  8. Harbouring interests for Satanism ( ostensibly Dismember, whom Ahriman already knew personally.
  9. The Concubine then exchanged her soul for the power of illusion with Ahriman.
  10. The Archers can attack Ahriman enemies and Black Mages can hit pudding enemies.
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