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  1. COGSA seeks to ameliorate the inequality in bargaining power that comes from a particular form of adhesion contract.
  2. An example of this is the insurance contract mentioned above, which is a good example of an adhesion contract.
  3. In essence, these are " adhesion contracts "; they are a condition of ownership and a prospective buyer must take it or leave it.
  4. The Court also denied Linden Lab s motion to compel arbitration, finding that the Terms of Service represented an adhesion contract that was unjustly biased towards Linden Lab.
  5. With the question of the arbitrability of contracts under state law settled, arbitration clauses began appearing in many adhesion contracts offered for employment and consumer services such as credit.
  6. Nevertheless, the district court declined to dismiss the suit, ruling that California law prohibits contracts that unfairly exculpate one party from its wrongdoing, such as clauses that do not allow class action lawsuits alleging fraud in consumer adhesion contracts where the individual damages are small.
  7. Asked why, given the clear advantage that seemed to offer, Mitsubishi would have written into what Rodriguez-Ramon contended was an adhesion contract such a narrow arbitration clause, the lawyer insisted that " Mitsubishi only considered the possibility of arbitrating commercial contractual controversy . " Why else, he suggested, would the language of the arbitration clause have specifically mentioned the sections of the contract to which it applied?
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