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  1. Paternity confusion is proposed to be an adaptive function for preventing infanticide.
  2. The adaptive function of sex today remains a major unresolved issue in biology.
  3. The adaptive function of meiosis is currently a matter of debate.
  4. However, evolutionary psychologists believe dreams serve some adaptive function for survival.
  5. Anti-symmetry can be distinguished by the bimodal distributions, due to some adaptive functions.
  6. Death awareness became a highly disruptive byproduct of prior adaptive functions.
  7. A common view is that facial expressions initially served a non-communicative adaptive function.
  8. The adaptive function of sex, today, remains a major unresolved issue in biology.
  9. The alternative  having no hypothesis about adaptive function  carries no predictions whatsoever.
  10. Chimeras often cause regulatory changes and can shuffle protein domains to produce novel adaptive functions.
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