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  1. Maderna leaves space for on-the-spot action and reaction between the two elements.
  2. Because we're all armchair quarterbacks, judging actions and reactions with unearned authority.
  3. Levels of emotional discipline determine the nature of action and reaction.
  4. The persons and animals in the compositions engage in disorganised actions and reactions.
  5. Observing their actions and reactions to various situations gives one a certain assurance.
  6. Action and reaction, equal and opposite, work itself out repeatedly in the stock market.
  7. People are responsible for their own actions and reactions, and I take full responsibility.
  8. These unwanted responses can lead to a destructive cycle of negative action and reaction.
  9. Still, Vasquez said last week, the faraway actions and reactions of others affect him.
  10. The cycle of action and reaction, affront and retaliation, appears only to be deepening.
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