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  1. About what shelf life should be expected for a sealed lead-acid battery?
  2. Lead / acid batteries lose considerable strength in the chill of winter.
  3. Conventional cars also use lead-acid batteries, but only as a starting device.
  4. Parker worked on improvements on the lead-acid battery invented by Gaston Plant?
  5. Last year's EV1, with conventional lead-acid batteries, cost $ 399 a month.
  6. Lead-acid batteries to store electricity for later use are expensive and inefficient.
  7. The electrolyte in the familiar lead-acid battery has all of those problems.
  8. They comprised an incandescent bulb and either a lead-acid battery or a dynamo.
  9. Lead-acid batteries were replaced by lens optics to be improved and cost reduced.
  10. Lead acid batteries are recycled 98 % by volume, 99.5 % by weight.
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