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  1. The acid bath is primarily to get rid of residual contamination.
  2. Acid baths are a large issue for women that needs to be addressed.
  3. Sulzer has since restored the acid baths and added tests to detect residues.
  4. In January 1996, they started touring North America with Acid Bath opening for them.
  5. They devised new lyrical forms, enhanced aesthetically by sandblasting, acid baths and innovative cutting,
  6. The various'types'listed under each method refer to differences in acid bath temperature and concentration.
  7. Any altruistic tendencies should have disappeared, washed away in the acid bath of competition.
  8. Highly acidic clouds soak evergreen needles in an acid bath.
  9. Most acid baths are built with ventilation hoods above them.
  10. Industrialized countries have switched from acid baths to an advanced and safer electroplating system.
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