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  1. Cyanotrichite forms velvety radial acicular crystal aggregates of extremely fine fibers.
  2. It is bright yellow in colour and usually has an acicular crystal habit.
  3. Recrystallization from toluene forms acicular crystals.
  4. Clinoclase is a rare secondary copper mineral and forms acicular crystals in the fractured weathered zone above copper sulfide deposits.
  5. Ulexite is found in evaporite deposits and the precipitated ulexite commonly forms a " cotton ball " tuft of acicular crystals.
  6. It is a colorless to white mineral crystallizing in the monoclinic crystal system typically occurring as prismatic to acicular crystals or granular masses.
  7. In the Silurian New York strontianite is observed in cavities in eastern Lockport, where it occurs as small white radiating sprays of acicular crystals.
  8. In groups of acicular crystals it is frequently seen penetrating quartz as in the " fl�ches d'amour " from Graub�nden, Switzerland.
  9. Gabbro may be extremely coarse grained to pegmatitic, and some pyroxene-plagioclase cumulates are essentially coarse grained gabbro, some may exhibit acicular crystal habits.
  10. It occurs as transparent to translucent orange-brown aggregates of subparallel acicular crystals up to 10 mm in length, and as patches of yellow, fibrous crystals.
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