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  1. Cyanotrichite forms velvety radial acicular crystal aggregates of extremely fine fibers.
  2. It occurs as prismatic to acicular transparent yellow to white orthorhombic crystals.
  3. It is a dark grey metallic mineral which forms acicular prismatic monoclinic crystals.
  4. Tight acicular radiating clusters and sphericules are common forms.
  5. It crystallizes as monoclinic prisms which occur as apple green acicular radiating clusters.
  6. Acicular ferrite is also characterised by high angle boundaries between the ferrite grains.
  7. It is bright yellow in colour and usually has an acicular crystal habit.
  8. There are about 6-8 radial spines per areole which are acicular.
  9. Zinkenite occurs as acicular needle-like crystals.
  10. The state of aggregation for zorite is acicular.
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