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  1. The IEC, including Al-Hadi School of Accelerative Learning, was among the assets.
  2. The forcing function in the equation is the accelerative shock load delivered to the pelvis by the event.
  3. Al-Hadi School of Accelerative Learning, a private K 12 Islamic school, is in the area.
  4. The cockpit replica is on a static base, and so cannot accurately reproduce the equilibrioceptive and accelerative aspects of flight.
  5. A secondary benefit is the short crank throw reduces the accelerative forces on the con-rod allowing the engine to operate at significantly increased engine-speeds.
  6. However, these older focal-plane shutters wiped the exposure fairly slowly, even under the highest available spring tension, because the delicate curtain was too fragile to survive the necessary accelerative shocks to move faster.
  7. Subsequently, the accelerative force on any given ion is controlled by the electrostatic equation, where " n " is the ionisation state of the ion, and " e " is the fundamental electric charge.
  8. On the road, that translates into an accelerative G-force that jams you into the seat and pulls back your mouth like the lips of an astronaut in blast-off . ( Or maybe that's just a grin .)
  9. Thus Newton concluded that it is only the "'difference "'between the Sun's accelerative attraction on the Moon and the Sun's attraction on the Earth that perturbs the motion of the Moon relative to the Earth.
  10. Leibniz also uses his concept of a " conatus " in developing the principles of the integral calculus, adapting the meaning of the term, in this case, to signify a mathematical analog of Newton's accelerative " force ".
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