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  1. Aboulia has also been associated with amphetamine withdrawal.
  2. I have seen several edits which attempt to change the spelling to " aboulia ".
  3. Most experts agreed that aboulia is clinically distinct from depression, akinetic mutism, and alexithymia.
  4. Yet again, there was disagreement about whether or not aboulia is a sign, symptom, or syndrome.
  5. Avolition is sometimes mistaken for other, similar symptoms also affecting motivation, such as aboulia, anhedonia and asociality, or strong general disinterest.
  6. Four of the experts said aboulia was a sign and a symptom, but the group was split on whether or not it was a syndrome.
  7. However, only 32 % believed aboulia was different from apathy, while 44 % said they were not different, and 24 % were unsure.
  8. Considering the number of disorders attributed to a lack of will and motivation, it is essential that aboulia and apathy be defined more precisely to avoid confusion.
  9. For example, aboulia is also a restriction in motivation and initiation, but characterized by an inability to set goals or make decisions and considered a disorder of diminished motivation.
  10. Another survey, which consisted of true and false questions about what aboulia is distinct from, whether it is a sign, symptom, or syndrome, where lesions are present in cases of aboulia, what diseases are commonly associated with aboulia, and what current treatments are used for aboulia, was sent to 15 neurologists and 10 psychiatrists.
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