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  1. Enda was a warrior-king of Fanchea, an abbess.
  2. Afterwards she was relegated to the position of abbess of Chelles.
  3. Juniper goes on to visit the Abbess ( Blanche Yurka ).
  4. In her later years she served as abbess of Gudhem Abbey.
  5. Abbess of Stanbrook, or Dame Felicitas Corrigan, author ).
  6. Modern-era Abbesses, however, refrain from doing so.
  7. This results in the Abbess taking her revenge on the lovers.
  8. In the eleventh century the abbess was a powerful local figure.
  9. Matilda's grandmother Matilda I was abbess at Herford Abbey.
  10. She was the abbess of Beaumont-l�s-Tours Abbey.
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