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  1. He's a bit thick in the middle, but that's to be expected.
  2. It is a bit thick and tends to scorch if you don't add water.
  3. True, the action is laid on a bit thick.
  4. Laying it on a bit thick there, eh?
  5. His accent is a bit thick at times, but muddle through-- it's worth it . 4 stars.
  6. He again likes to appear a bit thick so that he can take advantage of Boycie s ignorance.
  7. I'm just a bit thick-headed sometimes, but I can be sharp and useful when I catch on to things.
  8. Sorry to sound a bit thick .  Preceding talk ) 16 : 51, 19 May 2009 ( UTC)
  9. But a surfeit of stone and symmetry, particularly at the building's top-heavy crown, lays the gravity on a bit thick.
  10. While Howard's Irish brogue is a bit thick and unconvincing, the veteran actor is still a welcome presence on series television.
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