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  1. We looked at quite a bit of stuff.
  2. There was quite a bit of stuff,
  3. Some people get on my case and there is a bit of stuff behind my back.
  4. But she hasn't had a bit of stuff for ages, so I think she's due some romance.
  5. :: Actually a Google Scholar search for " Protopterus aethiopicus DNA " finds quite a bit of stuff, some of it pretty recent.
  6. I show quite a bit of stuff at school because, with gifted kids, I want them exposed to as much as I can possibly expose them to.
  7. "We used to get quite a bit of stuff directly from UTMB, even though our business was with Augie's company in New Jersey,"
  8. I should mention here that I've ordered quite a bit of stuff on-line from various places, using a credit card, and have found it most satisfactory.
  9. WRH is at times unpleasantly rightwing and libertarian but does exhibit quite a bit of stuff which is going wrong in the world .-- Dagonweb 15 : 15, 1 June 2006 ( CET)
  10. "There's actually quite a bit of stuff that's been written on this topic, " says Randy Lert, chief investment officer for the Frank Russell Co . in Tacoma.
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