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  1. He is primarily a marine sedimentologist.
  2. Research Background : A senior clastic sedimentologist and stratigrapher with a broad international and domestic experience base.
  3. The sedimentologist Francis Shepard classified coasts as " primary " or " secondary ".
  4. It was developed by the Austrian meteorologist and sedimentologist Felix Maria Exner, from whom it derives its name.
  5. "I was astonished, " said Dave Rubin, a U . S . Geological Survey sedimentologist, who participated in the review.
  6. "' Lawrence Alexander Hardie "'( January 13, 1933  December 17, 2013 ) was an American geologist, sedimentologist, and geochemist.
  7. He also worked in petroleum exploration as a specialist sedimentologist, and as a researcher in continental shelf, coral reef and coastal geology, specialising in carbonate sedimentation.
  8. In addition to her academic positions she has worked as Shipboard Sedimentologist on the Ocean Drilling Program ( Leg 159 Eastern Equatorial Atlantic Transform Margin ) January to February 1995.
  9. Craig Fulthorpe, a research associate at the UT institute, is a sedimentologist who will help measure changes in the rocky cores as they are drilled, a process called logging-while-drilling.
  10. "You can't make new beaches unless you have new sand to work with, " said David Rubin, a sedimentologist at the U . S . Geological Survey in Santa Cruz, Calif.

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