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  1. The Aladdin owes unsecured and secured creditors more than $ 588 million.
  2. Century Services Inc was one of the major secured creditors of LeRoy.
  3. Only secured creditors are guaranteed to be paid first under bankruptcy law.
  4. "There could be legislative action making employees secured creditors, " she said.
  5. Their top five secured creditors were the mortgage holder Mount Sinai Hospital.
  6. Marvel then would auction the combined company, mainly to repay secured creditors.
  7. Secured creditors are owed a total of dlrs 1 . 3 billion.
  8. The Intelsat deal let Loral fully repay all of its secured creditors.
  9. Certain directors who are large secured creditors have an inherent conflict of interest,
  10. Secured creditors may be entitled to greater payment than unsecured creditors.

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