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द्वितीयक परिसंचलन
secondary:    कम महत्व का अनु- उप-
circulation:    गर्दिश घुमाव
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  1. The secondary circulation is the overturning ( in-up-out-down ) part of the flow; it is in the radial and vertical directions.
  2. The QBO induces a secondary circulation that is important for the global stratospheric transport of tracers, such as ozone or water vapor.
  3. The three-dimensional wind field in a tropical cyclone can be separated into two components : a " primary circulation " and a " secondary circulation ".
  4. The house was originally designed to cater for a family served by a maid and a secondary circulation route links the main public rooms with the kitchen and laundry areas.
  5. Using a newly developed Heart Laser, Lansing pierces 15 to 30 one-millimeter-size holes through the outside wall on the left side of the heart to create a secondary circulation system.
  6. To give adequate security and segregate public from private spaces, Louis Justement adopted a unique network of primary and secondary circulation, with five distinct transportation cores and a series of main hallways flanked by ancillary circulation spaces.
  7. The primary circulation is larger in magnitude, dominating the surface wind field, and is responsible for the majority of the damage a storm causes, while the secondary circulation is slower but governs the energetics of the storm.
  8. Assuming the bubble is initialized at ~ 700mb, my intuition is that it would weaken the storm because the updrafts caused by the warm bubble would decrease the natural downdrafts in the cyclone, and thereby reduce the secondary circulation.
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