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गौण अनुकूलन
secondary:    कम महत्व का अनु- उप-
adaptation:    अनुकूलता अनुकूलन
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  1. In these small freshwater limpets, that " lung " underwent secondary adaptation to allow the absorption of dissolved oxygen from water.
  2. Modern researchers believe that the young hoatzin's claws are of more recent origin, however, and may be a secondary adaptation from its frequent need to leave the nest and climb about in dense vines and trees well before it can fly.
  3. The system of division of labor naturally arises in conjunction with the formation of the group, rather than as a secondary adaptation; otherwise solitary queen harvest ants placed in forced association had division of labor arise in groups that lack an evolutionary history of such social arrangements.
  4. In other words, the beginning of developing a particular trait starts out with a primary adaptation toward a fit or specific role, followed by a primary exaptation ( a new role is derived using the existing feature but may not be perfect for it ), which in turn leads to the development of a secondary adaptation ( the feature is improved by natural selection for better performance ), promoting further development of an exaptation, and so forth.

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