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द्वितीयक अभिगम
secondary:    कम महत्व का अनु- उप-
access:    दाखिला अभिगम
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  1. There are now plans to construct a secondary access route to Cork Airport.
  2. SR 243 serves mainly as a secondary access road for Jacksonville International Airport.
  3. Secondary access to the station is provided by Ellin Road north of US 50.
  4. Secondary access roads are : R0715 and R0716.
  5. This connection is currently being utilized to provide ventilation and secondary access to the Galena Mine.
  6. However, holders of temporary residence permits will only receive secondary access to the labour market.
  7. The New Roskear shaft took over from the Robinson Shaft as the secondary access shaft of access.
  8. About halfway, there is an open postern, serving as a secondary access to Villa Sciarra.
  9. As well, the foundation conducted research into post-secondary access, via the Millennium Research Program.
  10. A secondary access to the hall is provided via a timber stair which adjoins the southern enclosed verandah.
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