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sea captain sentence in Hindi
• कप्तान
• वाणिज्य-पोत का कप्तान
sea:    ढेर तालाब महासागर
captain:    जमादार नियंता
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  1. He was the son of another sea captain, also named Robert Knox.
  2. Prove that we are the only true sea captains in this world.
  3. McGilvery was one of five brothers, all of whom became sea captains.
  4. The sea captain invites the gang back that night to become pirates.
  5. He is the son of a Croatian sea captain and Montenegrian banker.
  6. Jensen had several careers after his early years as a sea captain.
  7. Learson was born in Boston, the son of a sea captain.
  8. During this time, he also married the daughter of a retired sea captain.
  9. His grandfather Francis Boase Davies, originally from Cornwall, had been a sea captain.
  10. This was witnessed by the American sea captain John Capen Hubbard.
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  1. an officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship
    synonyms:, ,

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