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  1. Because there are no stacking faults, the screw dislocations may cross-slip.
  2. Edge dislocations form so called tilt walls, while screw dislocations form twist walls.
  3. Screw dislocations form a line along which the crystal lattice jumps one lattice point.
  4. This type of boundary incorporates two sets of screw dislocations.
  5. There are two types of dislocations in crystals that can induce slip-edge dislocations and screw dislocations.
  6. Both edge and screw dislocations move ( slip ) in directions parallel to their burgers vector.
  7. As such, substitutional solute atoms do not interact with the shear stress fields characteristic of screw dislocations.
  8. Partials form instead of screw dislocations.
  9. Once a screw dislocation propagates through the bulk of a sample during the yield in the device manufacturing process.
  10. Micropipes and screw dislocations in epitaxial layers are normally derived from the substrates on which the epitaxy is performed.

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