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  1. The park's mountain scenery includes the Screw Auger and Mother Walker waterfalls and Moose Cave.
  2. The views from Evans Notch are spectacular, and trails in Grafton Notch State Park lead to such renowned scenic spots as Step Falls and Screw Auger Falls.
  3. The first child born in the town was to Dr Joel Knight, a purveyor of a patent medicine product known as " Dr Joel Knight's Celebrated Screw Auger Pills . " The first school was built in the area in 1841.
  4. A single or twin screw auger, powered by an electric motor, or a ram, driven by hydraulic pressure ( often used for steel and titanium alloys ), oil pressure ( for aluminium ), or in other specialized processes such as rollers inside a perforated drum for the production of many simultaneous streams of material.
  5. Henry invented a screw auger, manufactured and sold exclusively at his Lancaster store, and some credit him with inventing the steamboat : the twelve-year-old Robert Fulton, a Lancaster neighbor, visited Henry in 1777, who had been experimenting since 1763 on boats with steam engines on the Conestoga River ( Fulton's own experiments began only in 1786 in England ).


  1. hand tool for boring holes
    synonyms:, ,

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