scathes meaning in Hindi

scathes sentence in Hindi
• नुकसान
• हानि
• हानि करना
• नुकसान करना
• नाश करना
• बरबाद करना
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  1. When I start to scathe, it's not like I'm bitter.
  2. Last month, 19 workers were arrested after a fight with knives and scathes at a construction site.
  3. "Insipid, " the critics would scathe, " totally vacuous, decidedly unfunny ."
  4. A recent scandal involving Australia's nominal head of state, appointed by Howard, did not scathe the prime minister.
  5. In September 2007, the Nevada Air National Guard utilized the Scathe View system in the search for millionaire adventurer and pilot Steve Fossett.
  6. The Scathe View system disseminates intelligence data and information directly to ground forces in real time via on-board voice and data communications suites.
  7. On 17 January 1991, these decoys, together with Navy air-launched decoys were sent against Iraqi air defenses in Operation Scathe Mean.
  8. This conversion also included a modification, which provided additional Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance ( ISR ) asset to the Air National Guard called Scathe View.
  9. The album scathes audiences with iconoclastic sociopolitical commentary, dramatic dysphemisms, apocalyptic vision, drug-induced banterings of philosophical catharsis, and mind-blowing musical creativity.
  10. The 152nd Intelligence Squadron, part of the Nevada Air National Guard's 152nd Airlift Wing, was the only unit at that time equipped with the Scathe View system.
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