scare off meaning in Hindi

scare off sentence in Hindi
• भगाना
• भयभीत करना
scare:    भय विभिषिका हलचल
off:    से अलग छूट छुट्टी
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  1. Or is it an oversimplified vision that will scare off allies?
  2. And our marketing department tells us that footnotes scare off people.
  3. All the drug dealers got scared off by all the police.
  4. The flick has scared off other studio films for that weekend.
  5. That was before the Mexican peso crisis scared off many investors.
  6. Some said the debate might scare off potential Windows 98 customers.
  7. But many adults are scared off by Ikea's diagrams.
  8. "He's not scared off by any situation.
  9. He doesn't scare off and he pitches inside well.
  10. If he says something different, he could scare off voters.
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