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  1. :The scalar triple product is a special case of a determinant.
  2. Note that the denominator is the scalar triple product.
  3. The other pitfall arises when the scalar triple product is positive but the divisor is negative.
  4. But this is just the scalar triple product, which defines the volume of a parallelepiped.
  5. The scalar triple product identity follows because each is a different representation of the same diagram's function.
  6. An example of a pseudoscalar is the scalar triple product ( see vector ), and thus the signed volume.
  7. One source of potential errors is that the scalar triple product can be negative if,, have the wrong winding.
  8. Similarly, the scalar triple product is ad hoc, and can instead be expressed uniformly using the exterior product and the geometric product.
  9. I was answering a question on a third semester calculus exam when I realized a connection between the scalar triple product and the equation for a plane.
  10. where parentheses ( * * ) is a scalar product and square brackets [ * * * ] is a scalar triple product, and is an imaginary unit.
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