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• शिकंजा
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  1. But this was a win that a battered sawhorse could have backstopped.
  2. Before using any sawhorse, Silva checks its stability.
  3. But try being on the other side of the sawhorse, contractors say.
  4. The sawhorse may be designed to fold for storage.
  5. She then meets Sawhorse, Amber Ombi ( Lion!
  6. "A folding sawhorse is a great animal, " he says.
  7. Such figures as the Glass Cat, the Sawhorse, and others are common.
  8. The awards are organized by the co-founders of startup company Sawhorse Media.
  9. The Regent, Stunt, Tip, Woggle-Bug, and sawhorse enter.
  10. The palace of Glinda the Good is located not far away; from her Sawhorse.
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  1. a framework for holding wood that is being sawed
    synonyms:horse, sawbuck, buck

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