saw off meaning in Hindi

saw off sentence in Hindi
आरा से चीरना
saw:    कहावत प्रवाद मसल
off:    से अलग छूट छुट्टी
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  1. When you arrive at home saw off the bottom of the trunk.
  2. They then saw off Cortoon Shamrocks, after extra time in the replay.
  3. Saw off any excess so the wood is flush with the head.
  4. A strong NUIG side saw off 2012-2013 winners Trinity in the final.
  5. South Africa saw off the dangerous Tonga 28-12, Kazakstan 42-7 and Wales 24-0.
  6. Finally, saw off the stump of the branch at the collar.
  7. Elsewhere, Valladolid saw off Mallorca 2-1 and Malaga overcame Espanyol 2-0.
  8. You may have to saw off a thin layer to make it work.
  9. In severe cases, you might have to saw off a bit.
  10. The company successfully saw off a takeover bid from Terra Firma in 2004.
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