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खर्राटा लेना
saw:    कहावत प्रवाद मसल
logs:    यात्रा दैनिकी
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  1. A load of good saw logs.
  2. The products most likely to see poorer earnings are sawn timber, saw logs and plywood.
  3. This form of saw log creates minimal waste and features the natural curves of the tree.
  4. Weyerhaeuser opted to manage its forests for saw-log production and high-quality saw logs.
  5. The agriculture sector recorded strong growth due mainly to higher production of palm oil and saw logs.
  6. This definition includes the full range of wood products; all categories of saw logs, veneer logs, pulpwood and firewood.
  7. Carpenters used a ripsaw ( or " pitsaw " ) to saw logs into thin boards, which were held together by ornate process iron ore.
  8. Saw logs, however, had dropped in prices to RM336.69 per cu m in March from RM358.39 per cu m last July.
  9. They had to borrow to survive, " he said tossing aside a piece of the broken saw he had used to saw logs for construction.
  10. Revenue for saw logs and sawn timber reflected declines of 0.3 and 7.5 per cent respectively in the first two months of this year.
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