savannah river meaning in Hindi

savannah river sentence in Hindi
सवाना नदी
savannah:    सवाना घास का मैदान
river:    दरिया नदी
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  1. The fairway is wider than the Savannah River that flows nearby.
  2. The Savannah River Queen paddlewheeler is draped in garlands of greenery.
  3. The Savannah River Site sits along the Georgia border near Augusta.
  4. They also say security at the Savannah River site is sound.
  5. In 1740 settlers established a ferry service across the Savannah River.
  6. It flows into the Savannah River just west of Anderson at.
  7. Gordon also supports deepening the shipping channel of the Savannah River.
  8. Yesterday Savannah River released an internal study that strongly endorses the thesis.
  9. The Savannah River Site, or SRS, has five nuclear reactors.
  10. It will continue to run other operations at Savannah River.
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