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सवाना अरण्यभूमि
सवाना वनस्थली
savanna:    घास का मैदान गोचर
woodland:    वनप्रदेश वनस्थली
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  1. It comprises three main habitats : riveraise woodlands, savanna woodlands and saline shrublands.
  2. The knobs offer scenic clifftop views interspersed with oak savanna woodlands.
  3. The species grows in savanna woodlands, open forests and occasionally grasslands.
  4. It is found mainly in the savanna woodlands of northern Australia, particularly near watercourses.
  5. Most of the park is savanna woodlands except for areas close to the pan.
  6. In New Caledonia its natural habitat is humid rainforest, stunted hill forest and savanna woodland.
  7. These inhabit thickets within dense and dry savanna woodlands.
  8. Its habitat is generally but not exclusively treeless grasslands and savanna woodlands, both tropical and temperate.
  9. Habitats include savanna woodlands, grasslands, and dry scrublands.
  10. A nocturnal predator, it inhabits savanna woodlands.
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