safe-deposit box meaning in Hindi

safe-deposit box sentence in Hindi
safe-deposit:    तिजोरी का
box:    बक्स कटोरा मंजूषा
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  1. She kept her jewels in her safe - deposit box
  2. The refrigerator is not a safe - deposit box
  3. It will be in my safe - deposit box
  4. Greg . let me ask you something . do you have safe - deposit boxes here
  5. A song of police eagle : taiyuan jingying safe - deposit box manufacturing ltd
  6. Main products in company contain a lock of the computer , safe - deposit box , grogshop intelligence guest room system ; a card is general used equipments and system
  7. The place that aims at the dart that that person throw ' s ordering a mouse three times to have a safe - deposit box password be 1994 then has 1 to change an awl to open a door with it in with the gray key open
  8. If you own personal property �� such as bank deposits , safe - deposit boxes , house property , stocks , bonds and etc . �� or legally inherited property abroad , bank can handle property inheritance and property collection procedures for you according to relevant proofs provided
  9. The hotel have 50 sets of standard guest rooms , the equipments is perfect , the environment is tranquil and enjoyable . the washing room have superior appliances and hot water is continuously , the bathtub sprays to pour ready ; guest room inside have the air condition , color television , nations and local telephone , the light illuminate , the smoke reports to the police etc . , parts of rooms have lock of card and safe - deposit boxes , building inside of room have the elevator , each kind of facilities is every kind is supplied here , is good where you take a rest
  10. Notice some corners much and much , will have already concealed to see a point to test you to probe an ability , a very divertive game . find out 12 kind things in the room first , there are more difficult several kinds to seek . bring about a pillow , the blind side that click the bedside and mattress contain one section battery , another a the section battery is also nearby in the bed , turning on a television , there is one personal dancing , he will point out a place finally , there is the star number manifestation , notice and wait film to broadcast to finish to click again 3 times , the safe - deposit box would appear
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  1. a fireproof metal strongbox (usually in a bank) for storing valuables
    synonyms:, , , ,

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