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सुलभ प्राप्ति
सुलभ प्राप्‍ति
safe:    सेफ अलमारी
yield:    फ़सल उत्पन्न
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  1. Investors looking for a safe yield generally buy either Treasury notes or mortgage-backed securities.
  2. The safe yield from the dam was about 36mgd for a return period of 30 years.
  3. "They're very traditional and relatively safe yield vehicles,"
  4. "We're not going into a widespread recession " so investors can still " collect a safe yield, " he said.
  5. There is evidence in the Hanford area that depths to groundwater are increasing, indicating concern for safe yields of the Tulare Lake groundwater subbasin.
  6. To increase the safe yield of the reservoir, Spartanburg Water System raised the level of Lake Blalock by, increasing the water surface elevation to in 2004.
  7. Now let's presume that at age 65 you switched from the growth fund to a fixed-income investment that gave you a safe yield of 6 percent.
  8. Since that time, water quality in the Occoquan Reservoir has steadily improved and the reliable, high-quality effluent produced by UOSA has increased the safe yield of the Reservoir.
  9. Any large draw-off from the Klang Gates Dam beyond the safe yield will cause it to empty out and pose a serious water supply problem to the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
  10. where q is the safe yield or drainable surplus of the aquifer ( m / day ) and F _ w is the operation intensity of the wells ( hours / 24 per day ).
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