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  1. Arganda was a former sacristan ( altar boy ) of Guimbaolibot.
  2. Efigenio Golvano Sacristan, an Iberdrola director, said after the auction.
  3. Eusebio Sacristan Mena put Celta ahead at the 23rd minute.
  4. El mayordomo, " a combination of sacristan and Indian chief ".
  5. There he was appointed to work as the sacristan of the house.
  6. Is a sacristan in the Catholic church allowed to marry?
  7. Angelotti and the Sacristan in Puccini's " Tosca,"
  8. Transport and Communications Minister Carlos Ruiz Sacristan told reporters.
  9. The Sacristan kneels in prayer as the Angelus sounds.
  10. The under-sacristan ( custos ) is also mentioned in the Decretals.
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  1. an officer of the church who is in charge of sacred objects

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