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• यज्ञ-कर्म
sacrificial:    बलि का यज्ञीय
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  1. The External Kitchen prepared the palace banquets, feasts, and sacrificial rites.
  2. Earlier inscriptions that mention the rite suggest a less gory and elaborate sacrificial rite.
  3. In addition, generally it was the males of the household that lead the sacrificial rites.
  4. When Obed and his followers were arrested, the sacrificial rites ceased and the Deep Ones retaliated.
  5. The sacrificial rite started, and the soul of the dead was duly consoled by the sorcerer.
  6. At times, the nahual figures holds sacrificial knives and perform sacrificial rites or other ceremonial activities.
  7. Their society had similarity to the Natchez people in its practice of sacrificial rites and hierarchical social classes.
  8. There might have been a single piece of sculpture in the house to be used in rural sacrificial rites.
  9. In contemporary sacrificial rites, there is an overall emphasis on the sprinkling of blood, especially that of turkeys.
  10. They also include hymns used in sacrificial rites and songs used by the aristocracy in their sacrificial ceremonies or at banquets.
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