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  1. Sacred groves are small areas of forest preserved by local people.
  2. The most famous of the sacred groves is the Mannampurathu Kavu.
  3. Aniel burns the sacred groves and drags away the standing stones.
  4. Mother then retreats to the Sacred Grove and closes the pathways.
  5. Roman reports of the druids mention ceremonies being held in sacred groves.
  6. The sacred grove also features in the history of Gaius Marcius Coriolanus.
  7. Sacred groves provide sanctuary to the local flora and fauna.
  8. Cult activities take place in sacred groves outside almost all Tarok settlements.
  9. It had both a well-known sacred grove and great Royal Mounds.
  10. Under Persian occupation, the governor Artayctes desecrated the sacred grove of Protesilaus.

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