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  1. Lewine said the schizophrenic's psychosis often interferes with his or her treatment.
  2. Blanche accepts responsibility for Jane's psychosis and blames herself for Edna's death.
  3. This increases Self's psychosis and makes his final downfall even more brutal.
  4. The Cooler's psychosis cause both to fall from a great height.
  5. Stacey's got bipolar, whereas Sarah's psychosis is centred around Callum.
  6. However, Dr . Halman objects in light of Kirby's psychosis.
  7. He later appears again as part of Sinister's psychosis.
  8. It is unclear if these scenes of Ledge are actually occurring or are part of Megan's psychosis.
  9. Max uncovers that the killer's psychosis was caused by him unwillingly being given a psychoactive drug by White.
  10. Displaying signs of senility, Arboria remains either ignorant or indifferent of Nyle's psychosis, regarding him as his best prot�g?

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