rupture meaning in Hindi

[ 'rʌptʃə(r) ] sound:
rupture sentence in Hindi
• अलगाव
• हर्निया
• कलह
• चीरफाड़
• टूटना
• संबंध खत्म करना
• तोड़
• फटन
• बिगाड़
• बिगाड़
• भंग
• लीक
• विदर
• फूटन
• अनबन
• अंत्रवृद्धि

• छिद्र
• छेद
• विदार
• संविदारण
• फोड़ना
• फट जाना
• टूट जाना
• भंग करना
• तोड़ना
• तोड़ना
• संबंध खत्म करना
• फाड़ना
• फूटना
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  1. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel to the brain gets obstructed or ruptured .
    आघात तब होता है जब मस्तिष्क में जाने वाली रक्तवाहिनी अवरूद्ध हो जाती है या फट जाती है .
  2. But if “hot money” flees Turkey, if foreign investors go elsewhere, and if Persian Gulf patrons cool on the AKP, then the demonstrations could end AKP rule and rupture the drive toward Islamism and the application of Islamic law. Infighting within the party, especially between Erdoğan and President Abdullah Gül , or within the Islamist movement, especially between the AKP and Fethullah Gülen 's powerful movement, could weaken the Islamists. More profoundly, the many non-Islamist voters who voted for the AKP's sound economic stewardship might abandon the party.
    इसी के साथ जून 2011 में हुई चुनावों के बाद से दो मामलों में कमजोरी साफ दिख रही है जिससे कि सरकार पर एरडोगन की पकड को खतरा उत्पन्न हो गया है।
  3. Israel's long-term investment has paid off. South Sudan fits into a renewed periphery strategy that includes Cyprus, Kurds, Berbers , and, perhaps one day, a post-Islamist Iran. South Sudan offers access to natural resources, especially oil. Its role in Nile River water negotiations offers leverage vis-à-vis Egypt. Beyond practical benefits, the new republic represents an inspiring example of a non-Muslim population resisting Islamic imperialism through its integrity, persistence, and dedication. In this sense, the birth of South Sudan echoes that of Israel. If Kiir's Jerusalem visit is truly to mark a milestone, South Sudan must travel the long path from dirt-poor, international protectorate with feeble institutions to modernity and genuine independence. This path requires the leadership not to exploit the new state's resources nor dream of creating a “ New Sudan ” by conquering Khartoum, but to lay the foundations for successful statehood. A sign at the independence celebrations (edited for meaning, using the Arabic for guidance): “From today, our identity is South [Sudanese] and African, not Arab and Islamic. We are not the worst of Arabs but the best of Africans.” For the Israelis and other Westerners, this means both helping with agriculture, health, and education and urging Juba to stay focused on defense and development while avoiding wars of choice. A successful South Sudan could eventually become a regional power and a stalwart ally not just of Israel but of the West. Jan. 12, 2012 update : In the aftermath of the euphoric independence celebrations, news coming out of South Sudan is pretty bleak, Jeffrey Gettleman documents in “ Born in Unity, South Sudan Is Torn Again .” An excerpt: South Sudan, born six months ago in great jubilation, is plunging into a vortex of violence. Bitter ethnic tensions that had largely been shelved for the sake of achieving independence have ruptured into a cycle of massacre and revenge that neither the American-backed government nor the United Nations has been able to stop.
    इजरायल के लम्बे समय के निवेश का लाभ मिला है। दक्षिणी सूडान उस नयी क्षेत्रीय रणनीति में पूरी तरह उपयुक्त बैठता है जिसमें कि साइप्रस, कुर्द, बरबर और शायद एक दिन उत्तर इस्लामवादी ईरान भी शमिल हो। दक्षिणी सूडान के चलते प्राकृतिक ससाधनों पर पहुँच हो सकेगी विशेष रूप से तेल। नील नदी के जल की वार्ता में इसकी भूमिका से मिस्र पर भी कुछ दबाव बन सकेगा । व्यावहारिक लाभ से परे नया गणतंत्र अपनी निष्ठा, समर्पण और उद्देश्यके प्रति लगन के द्वारा गैर मुस्लिम जनता द्वारा इस्लामी साम्राज्यवाद के प्रतिरोध का प्रेरणाप्रद उदाहरण प्रस्तुत करता है । इस प्रकार दक्षिणी सूडान का जन्म तो इजरायल को ही प्रतिध्वनित करता है।


  1. the act of making a sudden noisy break
  2. a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions); "they hoped to avoid a break in relations"
    synonyms:breach, break, severance, rift, falling out
  3. state of being torn or burst open
  1. separate or cause to separate abruptly; "The rope snapped"; "tear the paper"
    synonyms:tear, snap, bust

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