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वाहक काट
runner:    डाकिया तस्कर दूत
cut:    अपमान आकृति मांस
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  1. Jackson's runner cut Golden State's lead to 86-81 before the Warriors scored the next six points to regain control.
  2. The sculpture is high and long, and consists of ten individual statues of runners cut from stainless steel about thick.
  3. Daiei had something of their own going in the 3rd, but the Hawks themselves had a runner cut down at 2nd.
  4. Unfortunately, the Road Runner cuts directly through it without being touched, and the Coyote is drenched and soon frozen before he can escape.
  5. Cordero was thrown out stealing in the sixth, raising to seven the number of Red Sox base runners cut down in the last three games.
  6. Drew Hill, a sprinter hoping to make the track team as a walk-on at William and Mary, was one of the runners cut last year.
  7. Austrian 800 meters Stephanie Graf runner cut her season short Tuesday and withdrew from this weekend's Grand Prix finals in Monaco due to a foot injury.
  8. It stayed that way through the backstretch when both runners cut through a half mile in an honest 47 seconds and three-quarters in 1 : 11.
  9. Horvath cautioned that he was not recommending runners cut out their typically high intake of carbohydrates, such as pasta, which the athletes eat to increase their energy stores.
  10. It has been a somewhat unsteady climb from standout small forward at Texas to professional shooting guard, a position where Boston believes Clack will match up better in the NBA . The Baltimore Bay Runners cut Clack a day before the IBL season started in 1999, citing " money reasons ."
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