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runic letter sentence in Hindi
रूनी अक्षर
runic:    रूनी
letter:    साहित्यिक कृति
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  1. Several other Anglo-Saxon weapons have isolated runic letters on them.
  2. In runic letters, it also reads, Leif, son of Erik the Red.
  3. Other claimed Norse artifacts in the area south of the St . Lawrence include a number of stones inscribed with runic letters.
  4. However, in early Old English of the 7th and 8th centuries, the runic letters were initially not used yet and the digraph used in its place.
  5. The Dalecarlian runes were derived from the medieval runes, but the runic letters were combined with Latin ones, and Latin letters would progressively replace the runes.
  6. W was occasionally rendered " VV ", but the runic letter " wynn " ( ? ) was the normal way of writing the " W " sound.
  7. The moneyers who went on to work for Eadwald adopted a distinctive style that included the use of runic letters, similar to those of Offa's coins.
  8. "Forgotten Realms " is the name of a runic letters read " Herein lie the lost lands ", an allusion to the connection between the two worlds.
  9. The Old English Latin alphabet adapted the runic letters ( thorn ) and ( eth ) to represent this sound, but the digraph gradually superseded these letters in Middle English.
  10. On one side of the blade is the only known complete inscription of the twenty-eight letter Anglo-Saxon runic alphabet, as well as the name " Beagnoth " in runic letters.
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