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run away to sea sentence in Hindi
• नाविक बनने के लिए घर से भाग जाना
run:    छोटी नदी दूरी औसत
run away:    भाग जाना भागना
away:    विरोधी के यहाँ अलग
to:    बन्द अवस्था में
sea:    ढेर तालाब महासागर
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  1. And when she runs away to sea, she discovers nothing is unthinkable.
  2. He has also married on several occasions but repeatedly run away to sea.
  3. Brown reacted to his stepmother's discipline and attempted to run away to sea.
  4. Together, they kidnap their son, who has found a new home, and run away to Sea City.
  5. On one occasion, Tubby gets tired of always being bossed around and being punished and decides to run away to sea.
  6. He had run away to sea as a teenager, and after working on sailing ships eventually ended up as a fisherman in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
  7. Keane claims to have run away to sea, but the evidence suggests that at the age of twelve he was put onto a collier brig by his father, to cool his temper and curb his bad behaviour.
  8. "O'Neill ran away to sea when he was 18, and there I was, a woman in 1967 or'68, or whatever it was, and I was going to run away to sea?
  9. "Coromandel ! " ( 1955 ) Takes place in the 17th-century, when an English lad named Savage runs away to sea and ends up in India-starting the family's centuries-long involvement there.
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