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  1. Round timber pegs are used to position and hold joints, instead of nails.
  2. Huge round timbers are lashed to the deck with chains, providing makeshift seating.
  3. The sawn timber roof structure is supported on round timber posts.
  4. The building sits above the street on round timber stumps and steel posts.
  5. The church is elevated on short round timber stumps, colored brown.
  6. The winding shed is constructed of heavy round timber uprights supporting a sawn timber frame.
  7. The jetty structure is made up of round timber beams topped with wide timber decking.
  8. It is supported by five substantial round timber posts.
  9. These awnings are propped with round timber posts.
  10. Rows of round timber posts support the roofs and the workshop stands on high round timber stumps.

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