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  1. Peter gives his father the good round sum of 1, 000 pounds, which will double his yearly income.
  2. Taxi drivers in Hong Kong may also charge the difference between a fare and a round sum as a " courtesy fee " to avoid making change for larger bills.
  3. He selected John Hampden as the defendant in respect of the round sum of one pound assessed upon him at Stoke Mandeville . ( The case did not mention the Great Kimble assessment ).
  4. He took honors for the best round of the tournament, with 417 points ( only 22 points fewer than his two-round sum 4 years previously ), despite gaining little ground against Dod, who shot a 412.
  5. The difference, workers there said, comes from estimating the specific costs of needed equipment like fuel nozzles or radios, while the Pentagon assumes a round sum will be spent on anti-tank missiles, for example, without estimating actual numbers or cost.

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