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  1. Thus, the locations of the lines in a rotational spectrum will be given by
  2. As a result symmetrical molecules possess no purely rotational spectrum, without an electronic transition.
  3. The resulting simulation for the rotational spectrum of C 3 H at a temperature of T = 30K agree well with observations.
  4. The particular pattern of energy levels ( and, hence, of transitions in the rotational spectrum ) for a molecule is determined by its symmetry.
  5. A typical rotational spectrum consists of a series of peaks that correspond to transitions between levels with different values of the angular momentum quantum number ( \ ell ).
  6. A pure rotational spectrum cannot be observed by absorption or emission spectroscopy because there is no permanent dipole moment whose rotation can be accelerated by the electric field of an incident photon.
  7. This publication marks the first terrestrial measurement of C 3 H . Yamamoto et al . precisely determine molecular constants and identify 49 lines in the c-C 3 H rotational spectrum.
  8. Above is the rotational spectrum at the ground state vibrational level of H 2 CO at 30 K . This spectrum was simulated using Pgopher and S-Reduction Rotational constants from Muller " et al ."
  9. The parent compound is ketenimine or CH 2 CNH . The most recent work by Bane " et al . " investigates the rovibrational structure of the ? 8 and ? 12 bands in the high-resolution FTIR spectrum, complementing the earlier analysis of the pure rotational spectrum.
  10. A rotational spectrum of the 2 ? electronic ground state of l-C 3 H can be made using the PGopher software ( a Program for Simulating Rotational Structure, C . M . Western, University of Bristol, http : / / pgopher . chm . bris . ac . uk ) and molecular constants extracted from the literature.

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