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• लालिमा
• गुलाबीपन
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  1. Speak with Toledo, and you're struck by the rosiness of his outlook.
  2. However, a new adjective is about to take over, putting that rosiness into considerable doubt.
  3. At one point, " Sugarpuss " points to her sore throat and complains " Slight rosiness?
  4. Ms . Salzman said : " Though the economy's fine, we don't trust the rosiness.
  5. Some of the rosiness of the City of Roses, as it's called, can be ascribed to its wearing rose-tinted glasses.
  6. And, somehow, " My Family's " resilient rosiness was easier to believe than " Roosters "'downbeat dysfunctionalism.
  7. Two very different outlooks sit side by side in the state budget that Gov . George Pataki proposed on Tuesday, an uneasy pairing of rosiness and austerity.
  8. Underneath its gritty realism and unblinkingly blase view of commercial sex, " Midnight Dancers " is a sentimental family drama whose rosiness at times strains credibility.
  9. Luckily, when I applied my own Georgette Klinger foundation over it, the excessive rosiness disappeared and the overall effect came closest to Darac's application of Prescriptives.
  10. One system of judging malnutrition, the Dumferline Scale, ranked height, weight, eyesight, breathing, muscularity, mental alertness and rosiness of complexion as benchmarks of health.
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  1. a dusty pink color
  2. a healthy reddish complexion
  3. a rosy color (especially in the cheeks) taken as a sign of good health
    synonyms:bloom, blush, flush

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