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  1. HHV-6B is commonly detected in children with roseola infantum, as it is the etiologic agent for this condition.
  2. Likewise, the hypothesis is, the roseola virus can come back and cause MS _ but only in one person in a thousand.
  3. HHV-6B primary infection is the cause of the common childhood illness exanthema subitum ( also known as roseola infantum or sixth disease ).
  4. The cause is not proven, but the finger of suspicon points to HHV-6, the virus that causes the babies'disease known as roseola.
  5. Like the chicken pox, roseola is something that almost everyone gets early in life _ usually a fever so mild that the baby never sees a doctor.
  6. She's been nearly totally deaf _ she has 20 percent hearing in her left ear, none in her right _ since a bout with roseola at age 18 months.
  7. Diseases associated with this genus include : HHV-6 : sixth disease ( roseola infantum, exanthem subitum ); HHV-7 : symptoms analog to the'sixth disease '.
  8. Ha estado casi totalmente sorda _ tiene 20 por ciento de capacidad auditiva en su oido izquierdo, y nada en el derecho _ desde que padecio de roseola a los 18 meses de edad.
  9. Both human herpesvirus 6B ( HHV-6B ) and human herpesvirus 7 ( HHV-7 ), as well as other viruses, can cause a skin condition in infants known as exanthema subitum, roseola infantum ( rose rash of infants ) or the sixth disease.
  10. Gallo was awarded his second Lasker Award in 1986 for " determining that the retrovirus now known as HIV-1 is the cause of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ( AIDS ) . " He is the only recipient of two Lasker Awards . later found to cause Roseola infantum, an infantile disease.
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  1. any red eruption of the skin
    synonyms:, ,

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